Friday, 6 January 2017

Reiki for a Kinder World

As 2017 begins I have heard a lot of people expressing unease about what this year may bring.  There are many uncertainties in the world that seem likely to affect the lives of all of us.

I'm very grateful for my Reiki practice at times like these.  The Reiki Principles are like a guiding star to steer me though rough waters.  First there is the suggestion not to worry (just for today).  So rather than focus on what perils may lie ahead, I let go of the anxiety and concentrate on what is right here beneath my hands.  Then I'm encouraged not to be angry - which would be very easy when there is so much apparent disregard for other human beings and often a feeling of powerlessness in the face of world events. 

The Principles also remind me to honour previous generations - as I think of my grandparents I wonder how it felt in 1917 when the war that was supposed to be over by Christmas in 1914 was still going on with appalling suffering and loss of life.  To me honouring our elders means remembering what they went through and learning from their experience.

Being a Reiki master is my work, so the Principle 'Earning your living honestly' encourages me to live authentically.  Deception (including the avoidance of our own truth) always seems to get us into trouble!   There seems to be a lot of fear about the effect the new US President will have on the world once he takes office.  I am not worrying, but commit to making my way in life true to who I am, no matter what happens in the coming days and years.  Like Hayashi Sensei, who made the decision in 1939 that he would prefer to die rather than participate in the 2nd world war as a combatant, I also choose healing and kindness over disregard for fellow human beings and this is something I too am prepared to act on.

The final Reiki principle reminds us to show gratitude for every living thing.  Sometimes this is easy - when it's my dog, my cosy home or garden.  However I've learned that spiritual life isn't about when things are easy: deepening happens when I come up against something part of me wants to reject or ignore.  Likewise it's much easier to disregard those I disagree with, creating separation, than it is to be open to an alternative perspective and look deeper. 

In addition to these stated Reiki Precepts there are also implicit principles in Reiki practice: we offer healing by placing our hands with care upon another person or animal - and hopefully also ourselves.  Our daily self treatment practice is a way of preparing to interact with the world in a calmer state, thereby being less likely to create conflict or violence.  When I offered some distant healing to someone recently for his back pain he thanked me for noticing: offering treatment is also a way of saying to other people: "I see you are suffering - I am here for you". 

So if the current political situation is causing you suffering: Reiki is here for you.  Whether you need a calming space to reconnect with your inner peace or would like to learn so that you can bring more kindness into the world, whether you need support for your practice so that you can make the most of your Reiki or would like to connect with other like minded people: I am here for you. 

I wish you a peaceful, happy and healthy year in 2017.

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