Friday, 7 October 2016

"Ask, Ask, Ask"

When I teach 1st degree Reiki I tell the story of the Spiritual Lineage, which is partly a history of Reiki but also contains teachings about living in the Reiki way.  In part of this story we learn that Hawayo Takata was due to receive an operation when she heard a voice telling her it wasn't necessary.  When she wondered what to do about this the voice said: "Ask, ask, ask".  She had the courage to follow that suggestion, get up from the gurney she was on, undergo the scolding of the nurses, to ask her question of the head surgeon.  As a result of this question she found Reiki - a wonderful example of how asking a question can lead to a change in life's direction!

If you are anything like me, however, you may feel reluctant to ask for what you need or want.  It can be much easier to give than to receive.  But how are we supposed to know what other people really need unless they ask for it?   When people don't ask for what they need we have to make assumptions, which can lead to misunderstanding and discomfort. 

I have felt that asking is like begging or being demanding, which it can be if there is an expectation that what is asked for should be given.  However some years ago I learned from a Non Violent Communication workshop that there are some needs we do have a right to ask for.  These can be physical needs such as food, safety and rest; social ones such as support, acceptance and structure or spiritual ones such as love, adventure or fun.   Reiki practice has taught me that it's important not to be attached to outcomes, so when asking I try not to have any expectation that what I ask for will be given. 

Reiki practice encourages us to live more authentically, supporting each other in community.  Being able to ask for support is part of this: accepting and acknowledging that I am simply human and sometimes I need help!  What I discovered is that people love to help, so I am also serving them by accepting their service.  What works really well is when the service meets both of our physical, social and spiritual needs.

So when I heard about the OGM Retreat in Kazakhstan I felt called to go but saw that it was not possible for me financially.  I could have given up at that point and said "Oh well it would have been nice but ....".

But then I remembered "Ask, ask, ask" and I had the idea of asking my community for support.  It took some courage to overcome my conditioning which said this was not appropriate.  However with the thought that if my request for support didn't raise the amount needed I would accept that I was not meant to go, I took the risk and asked. 

With the Reiki masters from Almaty who supported my visit
Well the answer was obviously "Yes" and I am deeply moved by the support I received, not just financially but all the good wishes about my attending the OGM Retreat.  I found the support continued once I actually began my journey and have come home enriched on so many levels, all because I was able to ask.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all my supporters.  If you need something - just ask!