Friday, 4 January 2013

Change Takes Time

This is a time of year when many people are thinking about change: reflecting on the year past and looking ahead to make plans for what they would like to be different in the coming year.  Living as we do in a time when information arrives very fast it can appear that change happens fast as well.

When people come to Reiki they are often looking for change in their lives and want that change to happen quickly.  They may be suffering physical or emotional pain and want to be free from the discomfort.  Sometimes they simply feel stuck in life and know that something needs to shift.  I know that Reiki will help change to happen and sometimes helps it to happen more quickly and easily than it would otherwise, but I also know that real change takes time.

For example many people are thinking about loosing weight after the festive over-indulgence.  It is now common knowledge, however, that rapid weight loss doesn’t last and can even be damaging for the body.  Gradual change is more natural and usually more lasting because it comes from better lifestyle habits and real change rather than what for the body is essentially a crisis!

Reiki is a wonderful catalyst for real change.  Sometimes it happens so slowly it is easy to think nothing is happening.  Looking back over the past year, however, I’m amazed to see how different my life has become compared to previous years.  I feel more contented and peaceful more of the time, I am able to manage my time and energy better and my work is even more rewarding.  I see that this change has happened gradually with the help of regular Reiki practice.

One of my plans for 2013 is to spend more time caring for my garden.  Gardens are a wonderful example of how slow and yet exciting change can be.  I have already planted some cornflower seeds that may already have started to grow.  I won’t see the plants for some time and flowers are still several months away.  However it gives me satisfaction to know that little by little the growth and development is happening, even if it’s unseen at the moment.

It is much the same when I give Reiki treatments or teach people Reiki for themselves.  Sometimes I see a dramatic change in one treatment: people are often amazed how relaxed they become during the session or find that their pain has gone or been reduced.  This change has still taken time though: the person has set aside an hour or more to simply receive Reiki.  I often see wonderful change in people over the course of the first degree Reiki class as well.  Only a few days can bring about a transformation – but time is still being given to allow this change to happen.

So while our minds are somewhat addicted to what may be perceived as rapid change these days, in nature and in truth change takes time.  So be patient with yourself...

What are your thoughts about change?