Sunday, 1 March 2015

Reiki Comfort

During the dark days of winter I sometimes comfort myself with the thought that the sun is still shining,
even if it’s hidden by clouds or during the night when it’s on the other side of our planet.  I think about going up in a plane on a dull day, above the greyness to where the light is bright and the sky blue.  Reiki comfort is always there too.   I have never forgotten Phyllis mentioning that her mother had said Reiki was really all about comfort.  The longer I practice Reiki the more true this feels.

There’s the physical comfort of warmth that comes from receiving Reiki, the relaxation that eases of pain and tension, improving my quality of life in this ageing body.

Then there is the comfort for the mind, enabling my busy head to slow down, allowing space for insights and intuition to arise, enhancing my creativity in finding solutions to life’s challenges.  This has a positive effect for my body too, as more energy can be released to support my immune system, instead of being in the stressful ‘fight or flight’ state that takes up so much physical and mental resources. 

Receiving Reiki for the first time after a sudden bereavement, I received much comfort in both these ways.  I was amazed to feel some relief from the physical and mental pain from such a simple and un-intrusive treatment.  The gentle touch of friendly hands is healing in itself, but with the addition of the energy of Reiki, which felt like sunshine inside my head, I experienced a deep comfort I’d been unable to find anywhere else.

So I was delighted when one of my clients recently said my hands were like sunshine.  She had been facing some challenges in her life and responded to Reiki like a flower opening in the sun – what a joy! There’s a deep comfort that comes from being able to offer that sort of support to others in need.

There is another kind of comfort that I now appreciate and recognise far more these days: comfort on the spiritual level.  I recently came across a description of healing that I feel really fits Reiki: “Healing does not mean finding and treating every single inner scar which sends its message to haunt us.  It means going even deeper... to the core of our self, to the heart of our spirit, where we find the light and warmth of our own core qualities of love and peace”.  I feel this is what we have the potential to do with Reiki: we can bypass the pain of the past and re-connect with the inner peace and love, thereby improving quality of life and happiness.

So if you are feeling a bit under the weather, have been dealing with a difficult change in your life or simply feel you need a bit of comfort, I hope you can find some Reiki to help you –whether it’s by receiving treatment, treating yourself or attending a Reiki share, class or workshop.

Like the sunshine Reiki is always there, waiting to comfort us, no matter what time of day or night.