Wednesday, 1 May 2013

When conditions are right, change happens fast.

After all the months of cold, snow and ice Spring finally seems to have arrived and the change seems sudden.  The air is filled with birdsong, green shoots appear and the daffodils that should have flowered in March are able to blossom at last.
When April began and was still so cold I doubted the swallows would return at their usual time.  Would they really get here at the usual time when it was still so cold?  Well I saw several swallows on the 15th April: exactly the date I usually see the first one.  They arrived on the dot, as soon as the weather changed.

Walking in my garden and seeing the changes happening so fast now that the sun has finally begun to warm the earth, I realised that when the conditions are right, by which I mean in balance with nature, change happens fast.  I see that this is often what happens with Reiki.

I remember treating one woman for whom Reiki didn’t seem to be working.  Week after week she came back for treatment, but I felt very little in my hands, not much changed for her other than a slight improvement of her sleep pattern. 

However one day the treatment was totally different: I felt heat and buzzing in my hands from the start and through-out the whole treatment.  She also felt the difference.  After that treatment I didn’t see her for a while and when she did come for Reiki treatment again she told me how her life had completely transformed: she’d moved house, got a new job and learned Reiki herself.

My understanding is that Reiki had been working all along: it had been so subtle that I had not been able to detect it.  Conditions were being prepared so that, when the time was right, the changes that were needed in her life happened fast and easily.  I have observed this in many people I’ve treated since, with a range of problems.

One of the ways I think Reiki helps to make conditions right for change and healing is by enabling us to relax and release stress.  Stressful thoughts divert energy away from the immune system, which requires energy to function properly.  Reiki helps people to slow down stressful thoughts and experience a more peaceful way of being.  I know that when I’m more relaxed it is easier to live in the moment; I make better decisions and care for myself more easily.  Patients in hospitals often have a quicker recovery rate when they have Reiki (whether self administered of given by a practitioner) and it’s known that patients who have a positive mental attitude and are more relaxed generally recover quickly.

In the way that children and animals heal fast because they are closer to their natural state, so Reiki brings us closer to a balanced state, creating conditions that support healing taking place.  As in Nature: when all is ready, change happens fast!