Friday, 1 May 2015

My Nepalese Family

Like so many others my thoughts are currently with the people of Nepal after the recent earthquake.  When disaster strikes in other parts of the world it is our natural desire to want to do something to help.  Some Reiki practitioners send distant Reiki treatments to those affected.  However Phyllis Furumoto (lineage bearer of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki) advises that we think twice before following this impulse.  It is important for those who receive Reiki to give their permission and, as we do not know the many individuals involved, this is not possible.  In one sense we have no connection with them, certainly less than with our own selves, family and community.  In wanting to send Reiki to such events are we perhaps not seeing these individual people, but an imaginary thing that needs fixing.  Phyllis suggests that instead we look at what it is in ourselves that feels this need to help.  What is the wound in ourselves that resonates with the hurt of others so that we want to act?  To send Reiki to that pain is very appropriate and of course permission from ourselves is easier to obtain.
The recent earthquake in Nepal is far away and I don’t know the people involved, but it does touch me   My sister fell in love while trekking in Nepal – after I had sent her some Reiki for her travels!  Sadly the marriage didn’t last, but they are still friends and the boys see their father regularly (he still lives in the UK).  Although I have never visited Nepal, the stories about it from other members of my family have become part of our family story.    
personally because my sister married a Nepalese man, so my beautiful nephews are half Nepalese.

Reiki has given me a greater sense of connection with the world family, many of my Reiki master friends are from different countries and cultures, which I relish.  I have learned that although there are many differences between us, we also share some essential qualities: a need for love, safety and nourishment; an essential nature that is kind and considerate rather than violent.  The kindness is something I’ve heard spoken of a lot about Nepalese people and have certainly experienced this quality in my brother in law.

So when we heard the news of the earthquake, we were in touch with him immediately to ask after his family and friends back in Nepal.  So far he has heard that family and some friends are fine, although worried about aftershocks.  Some friends he had not heard from.  I’m also grateful, perhaps a bit selfishly, that this didn’t happen while he was on a visit to Kathmandu just a couple of months ago.

My sister immediately organised an event at work and raised over £300 selling cakes and Nepalese crafts.  This inspired me: while sending Reiki may not be appropriate, this sort of help is clearly needed and welcomed.   Money is also energy, so I would like to send this sort of energetic help to those in my extended family.  I’ve therefore set up a fundraising page and my aim is to raise £500.   If you would like to contribute go here:

I’m also trying to think of a Reiki themed fund-raiser: a Reiki-a -thon (doing Reiki treatments all day for a day)?  Reiki share with all donations to the fund?  Reiki tea party?  Distant treatment for donations?  Any ideas welcome.