Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Enrichment of Community

My Nepalese brother in law Tara grew up in a small village in Nepal where he would have experienced strong community all his life.  I’m sure this enriched him as a person, even if the living conditions were basic.  The human warmth this experience of community brings is part of his personality – and that of many other Nepalese.  They share what they have without question because that’s what communities do.  

In my early years I didn’t have much experience of community: my family did not originate in the places we lived, so we didn’t have much connection with those around us.  My first really enriching experience of community was in my teens, spending several weeks with my family and an international group working on a voluntary project in France.  Perhaps this early experience of living with people speaking different languages and joining together to offer service to help others is why I love being part of the international Reiki community and when I go to international events I have a feeling of coming home.

I’ve also experienced community through my involvement with The Reiki Association over the past 24 years.  During my time on Council my mission was to ensure that The Reiki Association could continue to serve its purpose as a place for people with Reiki to be connected in community.  In the earlier years I was ambivalent about being in community – I would often go to gatherings somewhat reluctantly, but once there always found it enriching (if sometimes challenging!).  As a result I really looked forward to going to this year’s annual gathering and found it a supportive and enjoyable experience.

I feel that something about being in community has been healed in me, so over the years I’ve been able to make deeper connections with my own community of Reiki 
students and friends.

Thanks to this community that the fundraising for Nepal I started last month has been successful: I was able to raise over £100 at each of the Reiki Shares; the Tea, Cake and Reiki Tasters event at Reflections in Ludlow raised over £200; other students not able to attend these events also donated money or contributed cakes.  The afternoon at Reflections was lovely,  thanks to those who came to support the event: making cakes, helping to set up the room, serving tea, making signs so people would find us, going out into the market place to sell the remaining cakes, washing up and making people feel welcome: in other words community in action!  I could not have done it without them and I realise that the reason I felt able to put on such an event was because I felt confident that I would be supported by my community. 

So I’m deeply grateful to everyone who is a part of this community and has supported my fund-raising in so many ways.  I’m delighted to let you know that I not only reached the target of raising £500 but gone beyond it: the current total is £667.63 and it may rise further.

So while I may not have had the advantage Tara had of growing up in a strong community, Reiki – through the 4th Aspect of Mystic Order – has given me experience of the value and potential a community has.  I’m so happy this has enabled me to support those in Nepal whose lives have been devastated.  Thank you to all who have contributed and for being a part of this community.