Friday, 3 April 2015

"Don't Worry It May Never Happen"

Feeling Calm about the dentist! (Photo Jim Reynolds)
On the wall in my grandparents house was a little wooden plaque on which was written “Don’t worry, it may never happen”.  I remember looking at those words as a child and disagreeing with them: I was going to have a tooth out, so there was no point not w

I’m often interested how the same experiences in life are often repeated and understand that when an issue is unresolved it will re-occur, to offer another opportunity for transformation.   So last month I once again faced a tooth extraction.  Co-incidentally I saw recently that my mother still has the little wooden plaque with its suggestion whatever we are worrying about may not happen.  Once again I faced with the inevitability of the tooth extraction, but I’m able to see those words differently thanks to the Reiki Principles and my Reiki practice.  The first Reiki principle is similar to the words on the plaque: Just for today do not worry.

This Principle invites us to be in the present moment, where what we are worrying about doesn’t exist: worries are always about something in the future or past.  Understanding that helps me to see the truth in the statement my grandparents had on their wall: that when it comes to whatever you are worrying about happening, it is most likely that it won’t be as bad as you imagine.  So yes, when I was a child I did have to have the tooth out, but it was less traumatic than I had imagined, I survived and after the visit to the dentist was a visit to the cake shop!

This time I also found that there was no need to worry – with the added bonus that I knew I was receiving a lot of support from my Reiki friends.  Some sent encouraging messages and many were doing distant Reiki treatment for me.  I was surprised to discover that, unlike the previous occasion, my body did not go into shock as a result of the past trauma, which I feel was thanks to the healing from Reiki.  The first Reiki principle helped to remind me to stay present, so I could be aware that the pain was brief and bearable, rather than go into the panic I used to experience in the past.   I realised that previously my fear of the past repeating itself had actually made the experience more painful and traumatic.

The dentist and dental nurse were kind and supportive and, being present instead of lost in fear, I was able to be aware of this.  I received Reiki through-out from my husband and my own hands, which was very comforting.  I think the dentist wondered what I was doing holding the side of my face after the extraction because I certainly wasn’t feeling anything!  What I was doing, of course, was helping the clotting and subsequently I experienced no further bleeding, which I’m sure is thanks to Reiki.

I’m very grateful to everyone for their support and to Reiki for helping me through this challenge.  I now understand the wisdom of the phrase my grandparents held dear, and hope it’s a life lesson learned and I can keep the rest of my teeth!
orrying about it!  My early experiences of dentistry were pretty traumatic, so the anticipated procedure filled me with dread.