Thursday, 10 May 2018

Acceptance: a tool for transformation

This month my blog is late because my laptop stopped working and I was also not in a financial position to buy a second computer.  It’s not the first time this has happened and I confess that previously I reacted with worry, frustration and anger.   As the Reiki principles teach us this is not healthy!  So this time I chose a different path:  I simply accepted the situation.  I still found it painful to be without my only computer and therefore unable to work on my business.    

My husband commented on the difference in my response to this situation – and bought me a new computer!  This led to sorting, clearing and re-organising of my office: something that has been needed for months as the energy was feeling rather stuck.  As a result, I feel more at peace in my office and that it’s a good place for my work to flow: a transformation!

I have often felt when giving a Reiki treatment that what I am doing is offering acceptance and see   As I place my hands on my body during a mindful self-treatment, I feel that I am saying ‘yes’ to each area, accepting and connecting with my essential self.  I have felt something similar when I treat others: as I place my hands I feel I am saying: ‘you’re is OK, all is well’.   I have often seen people let go of their resistance to self-caring, accept themselves as they are and, through this acceptance, healing happens.  
this as an important part of the healing.

I find that if I deny that I am feeling bad, those feelings persist, whereas when I accept my feelings of sadness or disconnection, my perspective shifts and I soon begin to make different choices that improve my well-being.  

Acceptance of what is ‘just so’ may mean saying yes to discomfort and pain, which isn’t easy.  However it can be the beginning of the transformation.  When I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes my initial response was denial and a refusal to accept that I had a problem.  This is a well known response to any addiction (mine being food!)  The reminder of the Reiki principles not to worry, or waste time with anger, helped me to move to acceptance and from there it was easier to see what action I needed to take.  By accepting that my body was not doing what I thought it was – or should – I was able to see more clearly what change was needed to heal.  Having accepted my condition, I found it easier than I expected to make changes and with the help of Reiki achieved remission more quickly than anticipated.

I used to think that acceptance meant being resigned to your fate, a weak and passive thing to do.  However I’ve learned that denial – the opposite of acceptance – is the mindset that really causes me to be stuck in suffering.  Through its ability to bring me into the present moment and feel OK about what is ‘just so’, I have found Reiki to be such a gentle and powerful way to unblock these places of resistance and be more accepting of the challenges of life.  Now that Reiki helps me to be more accepting, I find that life is much more enjoyable!