Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Time for Rest

The Season for Rest

One of the things I love about giving Reiki treatments is seeing people relax and rest for a while.  In

During winter Nature takes a rest. The trees have let go of their leaves, withdrawing their energy to survive until longer days return.  Many other plants also withdraw underground until Spring.  I sometimes wonder how the birds make it though the long cold nights without feeding.   Hedgehogs have a good way to cope with the cold: they sleep all winter!

such a busy world it is such a gift to have an hour or so of silence and the deep relaxation Reiki can offer.  It often takes people a while to wind down, but even the fact that they are letting themselves lie quietly for a time is so beneficial.  I know that people often find this restfulness continues over the following hours and even days.

Busy, stressed, over-tired

For many of us, this time of year is very busy as we rush around getting ready for Christmas.  This often includes getting stressed and over-tired, using up a lot of energy at a time when the rest of nature is taking things slower, conserving energy to make it through the long cold nights and resting.

Perhaps that is why a lot of people succumb to colds and flu during the winter.  I know I go down with a virus when my energy is low, usually because I haven’t been mindful of how I’m using my energy.  If I just take enough rest (as well as proper nutrition and plenty of Reiki) my immune system is strong enough to fight them off.  This includes getting enough good quality sleep – something Reiki often helps with.  I know that many of my Reiki students place their hands on themselves when they go to bed because it helps them to go to sleep easily and quickly.


During this resting time Nature is also preparing for the new season.  What we don’t see is the growth that is happening underground, as shoots work their way towards the surface, seeds prepare to grow and the buds form that will become next year’s new leaves.  In a similar way we can also prepare for next year, dreaming dreams and making plans.  In a restful state the mind is more creative, a most enjoyable state of being!  That is why the answer to decisions or questions can often arise during a Reiki treatment: the mind is at rest, so creative thoughts can arise.

So may I suggest you take some time to rest during December and January?  If you have learned Reiki, why not take a break from the frantic busyness and give yourself the delicious treat of a long self-treatment during the afternoon (sometimes known as a Reiki Nap)?  If you get snowed in, rather than see it as an irritation perhaps you can see it as an opportunity for rest and Reiki.

Reiki Rest

If you haven’t learned Reiki perhaps you can find a Reiki practitioner near you who can give you a restful, regenerative Reiki healing (for many of my clients this includes a little sleep!).  Even if you have learned Reiki, receiving a treatment from someone else is a good idea – you can relax even more if someone else is taking care of the timing and where the hands rest

I wish you a restful and peaceful Christmas holiday, preparing for a happy and healthy New Year

Do you find it difficult to stop and rest?  Perhaps you have some good techniques for taking time out? Do share your thoughts.