Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Welcome Changes

Although summer has lingered, there’s a feel of autumn in the air.  Soon the clocks will change and winter won’t be far away. As someone who loves sunshine and warmth I always feel a little resistance to this seasonal change, but having Reiki has made flowing with change easier, and this autumn is bringing me many exciting changes...

One of the changes I’m getting used to is being a different size.  For many years I’ve struggled with being over-weight.  After listening to my intuition during Reiki self-treatments I finally discovered a solution that, with some determination, has worked and I now feel confident that my new shape and size is here to stay.  One of the challenges of this is accepting that some of my much loved clothes just don’t look good on me any more! 

Another wonderful change is being invited to offer Reiki treatments and classes at Reflections in Ludlow.  I had been feeling that Helena Lane was not ideal, given that it is often noisy.  I was therefore delighted to be welcomed to work at Reflections, which is really central and easy to find.  It’s a much more peaceful place and what is also great is that I can also teach classes there.  I know that in the past I would have been a little nervous about changing from the familiar to a new place and whether it would work to do treatments there, but with the help of Reiki to overcome my anxiety, I am just really excited!  I also feel that Reiki helped me to connect with Sam, the owner, which is a connection I feel very positive about.

Another change that happened this year is stepping down from my 5 year role on Reiki Association Council.  I was just getting used to not having this time-consuming role in my life when...

Around the same time as the new clinic space materialised I was invited to join the Executive Director Team for Reiki Foundation International, a charity that supports the practice of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki and in particular Phyllis Fururmoto and Paul Mitchell who jointly hold the Office of Grand Master.  At first I was resistant to the idea, not wanting to go back to a lot of voluntary work that would eat into my paid work time.  However, having discussed it with Phyllis and Elaine who is guiding the team, I saw that this could be a good way to take forwards what I have learned in the last 5 years, as well as giving me more opportunities to learn.  Finding CPD opportunities never seems to be a problem for me, as long as I’m willing to accept change!

I have previously spoken of how Reiki seemed to give me a boat with which to float more comfortably on the ups and downs of life, rather than battling the waves and frequently becoming overwhelmed.  I’m now feeling as if Reiki has given me further transformation and it’s more like I have a surf-board than a boat!  Change can be a challenge, but I find that Reiki helps me ride it more comfortably.