Tuesday, 2 September 2014

20 Birds

In Benbecula airport, during my recent holiday to the Hebrides, I noticed an artwork on the wall.  There was an image of a large seagull, made up of many smaller birds.  Next to it was the following story which reminded me of my experience of Reiki community, from the small scale at Reiki Sharing Groups, to the large scale of the Reiki Association and international Reiki gatherings. 

It’s the story of Fichaed Eun (Feecret Ee-anne - meaning 20 birds in Gaelic), inspired by an ancient story from Persian mythology called The Simurgh (meaning 30 birds in the Farsi language).

“Once upon a time, in a land far away, there lived a community of birds, birds of many different colours, sizes and songs.  Most of the time they lived alongside each other in harmony.  There were occasionally disagreements and conflicts which were resolved in various ways, through discussion, through mediation, but more often through heated argument or even violence.  Several among the birds felt a yearning for life to be better and wanted someone or something to provide strong leadership and a clear sense of vision and direction.

Legend and local rumour held that somewhere such a leader existed in the form of a golden bird with the name of Fichaed Eun.  So one day when a tiny wren came across a golden feather that bore the words ‘I hold your future’ a palpable excitement spread through the community. We must find the great bird that left us this message!  The time has come for us to meet our saviour!  Let those who wish to take on the challenge come forwards.

And so the young, fit and brave among the birds set off on a journey to find Fichaed Eun.

Their journey was long and hard and it took them through rough skies and across challenging landscapes.  They were tempted by monsters who screamed at them from the tops of mountains and demons who tried to drag them into the deepest valleys.  Many did not have the strength to resist and gave in to the temptations along the way.  But finally a small group of twenty remained exhausted by flying ever onward to reach their goal.

And at last as they were flying over a great lake, a small voice piped up from the flock:

“Look!  There it is...Down there... Fichaed Eun”

And as the birds looked down, they saw the shadow of a huge powerful bird moving below them.  They looked around to find the great bird who was creating the shadow...until slowly it dawned on them that it was a reflection of their own group in the lake below, flying in unison and harmony.  Their

shared vision and determination to succeed had enabled them to achieve anything.  They realised that Fichaed Eun was themselves and the totality of all the strengths and talents they had to offer.”

The artwork was created by 20 children.  Next to it are also the following words, which resonated with me about living with Reiki: “Fichaed Eun represents all of us!  Each bird is unique and brilliant, each with his/her special characteristics, little ways and individual skills.  When we realise our strengths and talents we become strong and powerful and better able to make a difference.   We can support and look after each other and have a lot of fun as a team.  We can put all of our ideas together and all our hopes together.  We can use our group voice to inspire people to listen, think and act!”