Wednesday, 6 January 2016


As the New Year begins many people think about the year ahead: a time of preparation for what is to come.

I was once a Brownie with the motto "Be Prepared" but didn't learn this lesson in my early life!  I frequently found myself rushing because I hadn't prepared.  Last year I heard a comment about the importance of preparation from Ben Haggard, a wise teacher in the Reiki community.  It resonated with me, so I began to pay more attention to how I prepare in life.

I realised that what causes me to rush out of the door or arrive late is that I'm often   This, I realised, is a cause of unhealthy stress, so I began to make timely preparations.
preparing at the last minute: for example going to a Reiki Share and only getting the blankets and pillows just before I'm due to drive away!

Last year I also had a lot of preparation for my new Practitioner course.  Most of the 10 sessions I was teaching for the first time, so I had to ensure I had plenty of time to do the research and prepare myself, including self treatment or sending Reiki to the session.

My daily self treatment is a way of preparing for each day.  It also supports my health, ensuring I'm prepared for serving my clients and students, especially when they are finding things difficult.  Due to Reiki self treatment preparation I know my immune system is in good shape, so if a client calls to say they have a cold I don't need to put them off, but can give them the treatment they need.

Regular Reiki treatments also help build mental resilience, in preparation for life's more difficult challenges.  Everyone experiences shocks and unexpected happenings that can be distressing - such as my car's radiator blowing up on the way to a Reiki Share in November!  On that occasion I found that although I was scared I had the resilience to deal with the situation without further stress.  This was a small challenge and I know of many people who have found that Reiki preparation has helped them in the face of much bigger challenges, such as a major health diagnosis or loss of a loved one.

In Usui Shikui Ryoho Reiki the way we teach also encourages preparation:
the time of the course, over 4 part days, ensures the student is fully prepared for each initiation.  I also know from many years of teaching that students sometimes take years to be ready to learn Reiki, a time of preparation that I respect.  The suggested time gap between 1st degree and 2nd degree is also a time of preparation for the student, ensuring they have had time to practice and get to know how Reiki feels before taking the next step.  The same is true as people set out on the road to Reiki Mastery, a preparation that may take years.

So like the gardeners who are using this quiet time of the year to prepare the land for the growing season ahead, I am taking some quiet time to prepare for the coming year.  I am planing more teaching to assist you in your growth on your Reiki journey.  I don't mind waiting for  you to join me because I know that preparation can take time.