Sunday, 1 September 2013

What Diet Is Good For You?

Best diet for you

Chatting over lunch with some Reiki students recently the subject of dietary needs came up.  Various ideas about what people should and shouldn’t eat were discussed.  What struck me thinking about this discussion, and my own exploration of what diet makes me most healthy, is that advice can often be conflicting.

For example: for a woman of my age (menopausal) there is advice that soya can be helpful and the example of women in Japan who rarely suffer from hot flushes is given.  Then another expert advises that everyone should stay away from soya as it can be antagonistic to the human body.  So do I eat soya or not?

There are abundant theories about what diet can help us reach our ‘ideal’ weight.  What people find is that they don’t always work.  Our discussion over lunch included the ‘Blood Type Diet’ which some find works while others say it doesn’t.  What I think the blood type diet does offer is an insight into the fact that what works for one person is not necessarily good for another.

First Step

 Over the years I’ve made various changes to my diet and as a result feel more healthy and balanced.  I also find that I have a greater resilience, bouncing back more quickly from any infection or stressful time.  Most of the insights about what I needed to change came during my Reiki self treatments.  Often they began as vague intuition, frequently met by resistance due to the comforting nature of what I was feeling needed to be given up.  Reiki seems to help this resistance, because after a while of holding awareness of the need for change, one day it was an easy decision to take the first step.

What I have also learned is that we are all unique.   What nourishes us can depend not only on the genes we were born with, but also on how we were nourished in our early years of development.  It’s also common knowledge that what we like to eat has an emotional aspect to it for many people.

Comfort Eating

For example when I decided I needed to stop eating wheat I found it challenging to stop eating scones, because a trip out to a lovely place with a tea of scones with jam and cream was always a happy time in my childhood.  The food therefore became associated with this happiness, so to decide to give it up felt like giving up some happiness!  What's also true is that being stressed about what to eat is not good for our health.

Where I feel Reiki really helps is that it meets the needs of each individual, embracing our uniqueness and helping us to do the same.  With Reiki treatments comes deeper connection with the intuition and inner wisdom that will guide each of us to our particular dietary recipe that will bring vitality and good health.  It also helps to resolve the emotional attachments that make some dietary changes so difficult.

Let Reiki Help

So next time you are struggling to resolve conflicting advice about what you should or shouldn’t eat – let Reiki help you.  If you have learned Reiki: give yourself a treatment, holding your dilemma in mind – or if you have second degree Reiki you could use those tools to bring clarity.  If you have not learned Reiki or feel you need another person to support you, then seek out a Reiki practitioner and receive healing with this focus in mind.

However you approach your dietary changes may you celebrate your uniqueness and eat delicious food that gives you vitality and health.