Sunday, 2 June 2013

Reiki for Burns

Mrs Takata who brought Reiki out of Japan
At a recent sharing group one of my Reiki students showed us a burn on her hand which she said was healing very well thanks to Reiki.  It had been quite a deep burn from touching the side of the oven.  We were also amazed to see that even by the end of the evening it looked less red and inflamed.  She told us there was little pain.

This reminded me of a deep burn I received from splashing hot oil on my hand.  It was the worst burn I’d experienced and was, of course, extremely painful.  After the initial first aid of cooling it under a tap I began to apply Reiki.  My husband brought me a bag of iced water and I put this on the burn and gave it Reiki through the bag.  It was very painful for about 10 minutes after which the pain subsided and became bearable.

As the damage to my skin was quite severe – it was an open wound larger than a 50p piece – I went to have it dressed by the nurse at my GP’s surgery the next day and.  She told me to come back if the wound wasn’t dry after a few days.  I had the impression she was expecting to see me again.

I continued to give the burn Reiki through the dressing as often as I could – sitting watching TV or in a meeting.  I was expecting there to be scarring or at the very least a dark mark on my skin.  After a few days I found that the wound was dry: no need to go back to the nurse.  In a short time my skin healed without scarring, not even a mark on the skin.  My own Reiki miracle!

I had read stories of Mrs Takata healing burns when she was practicing, which had inspired me to try it myself.  One of her experiences was quite dramatic: an electrician was asked to urgently repair a bread oven so that the baker could bake his bread for the day.  Perhaps due to the urgency, he forgot to check that the switch was turned off and, having crawled inside the oven, there was a flash and he caught fire.  The baker pulled him out and smothered the flames, but he was seriously burned.  Four of his family were Reiki trained and went to treat him immediately.  They treated him all over his body except for one small area that was less burned.   He had no pain and was soon allowed to go home from hospital, where he continued to receive daily Reiki treatments.  He had no scars except for the one spot they had left untreated.  After that experience he wanted to learn Reiki for himself!

I would be really interest in introducing Reiki to the specialist burns hospital in Birmingham, to do a trial to see whether Reiki could make a difference to the patients’ recovery.  I would love to teach the nurses or perhaps Reiki practitioners could be trained to work in this special environment.  Wouldn’t it be great If Reiki could help to improve the quality of life of burns survivors by reducing their pain and scarring?