Thursday, 28 March 2013

Valuing Community

One of the Four Aspects of Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is called Mystic Order and refers to the way that learning Reiki brings us into a community of like-minded people with shared experiences of healing and personal growth.

I have attended several meetings in the past couple of months which have given me deeper insight into this Aspect.  One of these meetings was with other Reiki masters, most of whom I’ve known for a long time.  I found it comforting to be in the company of my friends again. We shared Reiki treatments and talked about how we are getting on in our lives. Some were not able to join us due to illness or death of family, which brought home to me how our connection with each other offers support when we face challenges in life.

I gave a Reiki treatment recently to someone who had suffered a trauma. She mentioned how what had really helped her in the days after the accident were the kind words and actions of her community. This made me reflect on how connection with others can be so helpful in getting through difficult times. I have found that practising Reiki has offered me this greater connection and a community of supportive friends.  There is strength in a community that is greater than one person alone.

Some of the meetings have been more about Reiki business, but I found that even with those I came away from them feeling empowered and supported.   The most recent was a meeting where someone commented how much she loves the times people come together – she said it was like a holiday for her as she does a lot of work alone in her office.  I could completely relate to that because there is definitely a difference when we meet in person.

This month I’m looking forward to The Reiki Association gathering and our theme for the weekend is Connection. There will be old friends and new people to meet.  I know that because we share a love for Reiki and will be giving each other Reiki treatments there will be a feeling of connection even if we begin as strangers to each other and that I will come away feeling supported, refreshed and uplifted.

I can barely remember the person I used to be, who felt alone and found being in new groups difficult. I'm marvelling at myself and valuing the richness in my life that comes from being part of the Reiki community. It hasn't always been easy, but like the grit in the oyster that creates the pearl it has helped me to grow and develop greater self confidence. Feeling more at ease in groups has enabled me to receive the support I once found it difficult to ask for. This has given me enhanced feelings of comfort and security. I also notice that I have been taking this confidence into other situations, such as my local business networking group and that this has given me different kinds of beneficial and supportive connections.

How this happened is has been a mysterious and subtle process over many years. Perhaps that's why it's called mystic order! I feel a deep gratitude to my community of Reiki connections – thank you for being there!