Thursday, 1 October 2015

Gratitude to a tick?

Tick, image courtesy of
Tick, image courtesy of
While on holiday in the Hebrides in a few years ago I discovered a large tick on my neck.  After getting some help to remove it, I gave the area of the bite Reiki as much as I could for the rest of the day.  I had none of the warning symptoms of a rash or feverishness, but I did wonder whether I might have caught Lymes Disease!

Over the next months I continued to wonder about this, especially when I experienced lack of energy and aches in my muscles and joints.  Eventually I went online and found a self diagnosis questionnaire, which told me that my symptoms were possibly caused by Lymes disease.  So as the Reiki Principles suggest not worrying, I decided to ask my doctor for a blood test to find out.

She was happy to oblige and suggested a range of other blood tests to check other possible causes for my tiredness.  Happily the test for Lymes disease was negative.  However my blood sugar levels seemed a bit high, so a fasting blood test was arranged.   As soon as this concern was raised I began to think that sugar could indeed be the problem, so immediately began to change my diet (having already cut out dairy and gluten).  My husband had bought me a book "Fat Around the Middle" by Marilyn Glenville which I now started to read with more interest!

The evening before my blood test I was giving a talk about Reiki.  I had to fast after a certain time, but thought drinking the J2O I was offered by my hosts would be OK.  I then managed to starve until after the blood test.  What I hadn't realised was how much sugar there was in that drink - not just fruit sugar but added sugar.  This ignorance was typical of what got me into trouble!

The result of that test was that my blood glucose levels were indicative of type 2 diabetes.  It was a shock and initially I did not want to believe it - I told myself that I was only borderline and if I could just change my diet for a while and loose a bit of weight I would be a non-diabetic again.  Again the Reiki Principle of not worrying came in very helpful!

A discussion with the diabetes nurse a few weeks later dispelled my illusions.  However I was determined to manage the condition without drugs.  I found the diet and advice in Dr Glenville's book very helpful and also bought another book that had just been published about reversing type 2 diabetes.

3 months later I went back for a further blood test to check on my progress.  I'd already managed to loose some weight and knew from self testing that things were improving.  However the nurse was delighted with my progress in such a short time.  My initial HbA1c result had been 66, the target was 48 and the result this time was 49.  My latest result, 17 months after initial diagnosis was 40 which is below the level indicative of diabetes!  I've managed this entirely with diet exercise and Reiki.

So the Reiki principle 'show gratitude to every living thing' applies to that tick for me: without it's bite I would not have gone for the blood tests that showed up my diabetes just in time!  Thank you tick!

I plan to share more about how I have achieved this in my new blog: